At MUMMY MIND DETOX we are all about getting you results. We understand that for some of you our group courses and online products might not be enough. That’s why we also offer 1:1 support. Our TEAM of experts are to help you – we have years of experience and a diverse toolkit!

1:1 SUPPORT is about ACCOUNTABILITY, SUPPORT and GUIDANCE. Our team will help you realise your goals, assist you to achieve them and help you reconnect with you. Just like a sports coach advises and helps but doesn’t actually play the game, our coaches will offer you pointers, guidance and when asked for, advice. They will support you along your journey and encourage you to realise your potential – everyone is different and what might sound like an awesome gig to one person might not to another. You have the answers, we are just here to help you realise them! Our coaches main focus is to help you!

Our personalised coaching programs will help you uncover beliefs that are holding you back and keeping you trapped in a negative headspace, discover and break unhealthy cycles that occur in your life and most importantly, help you REDISCOVER YOURSELF. The Mummy Mind Detox team are experts at mindset and helping you think in a new and exciting way that will give you a new zest for life! Our coaches work through your past, make peace with what’s happened and work with you to create a crystal clear vision for your future and support you through it all. You will feel SUPPORTED, MOTIVATED, LOVED and HAPPIER after working with our team. 

The same problem keeps happening in your life and you’re ready to stop the cycle!
You feel like no matter how awesome your family and friends are they just CAN’T help.
You feel misunderstood.
You want help but don’t know where to get it.
You feel stuck and want help getting motivated.
You’re not sure where life is going but you want to figure it out.
You’re tired of the same old and want something new and exciting.
You feel alone and like no one cares.
You have a problem, be it health/relationship/life but no one can give you answers.

Our 1:1 support packages are as follows:

One month coaching
We know how hard it can be to find a whole spare hour sometimes as a Mum. These sessions are super targeted and SUPER effective and easier on the hip pocket.
– 3 x 30 minute coaching sessions
– Unlimited email and text support
Your investment – $180 in total

Three month coaching 
This package is for you if you’re keen as mustard to dive into self-development and make a huge shift in your life with the support, guidance and accountability of our expert team.
– 9 x 60 minute coaching sessions
– Unlimited email and text support
– A special gift from Mummy Mind Detox to get you started on your journey
– Access to the private ‘Believe in Yourself’ sisterhood
– Worksheets for the Mummy who loves to learn
Sessions can be in person if you’re in Melbourne (we are based in Chirnside Park), over the phone or via Skype.
Your investment – $360 per month

Payment plans are available for both packages.
Deposit of $120 required to get started.

IF THIS IS A HELL YES THEN SIMPLY… Choose a mentor (below) and get in touch!
We can’t wait to hear from you!

2The creator of Mummy Mind Detox. Erin is a young Mum on a mission to help 
women find confidence, clarity and feel connected!

Erin is a qualified Mind Detox Therapist (Sandy D. Newbigging – The Mind Detox Method) and life coach who helps women worldwide believe in themselves. Erin’s coaching business has helped women overcome fear, self-doubt and that STUCK feeling. She has helped women let go of the emotional connection with food, demolish the fear of failure and overcome the feeling of not being ‘good enough’. Her clients have found love, found confidence, quit their jobs to start businesses, finally lost the weight and made their travel dreams a reality… just to name a few.

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