Erin Reghenzani

Erin became a Mum at 26 and although she had a fantastic support system around her, Erin couldn’t help but notice the lack of positive support for the Mums throughout the process of birth and post-birth other than a few quick conversations with maternal health nurses. She combined her business experience in life coaching and Mind Detox therapy as well as her event management experience to set about creating a place where Mums could come together and connect on a deeper level. A place that they could meet once a week, be real and honest in a judgement-free and supportive environment, learn about how to be themselves again and thrive! And so Mummy Mind Detox was born in 2016 and has continued to grow and evolve ever since.

Erin lives in Melbourne with her fiancé, daughter Imogen and fur child Beau. She is expecting her second baby in June 2017.

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Erin is passionate about inspiring Mums to feel connected with themselves and their communities, inspired to live each day doing the things that light them up and not just surviving motherhood and life, but thriving in it! Her presentations are fun, honest and engaging.

Favourite topics include:
– Overcoming ‘Mum guilt’
– Feeling the fear and doing it anyway
– How to actually succeed at your goals
– Manifesting and abundance
– How to implement self-care into our busy lives
– Love the skin you’re in
– Take control of your Negative Nancy (ego)
– The power of the mind
– How to detox your mind and thrive
– Bring back the tribe; the importance of connection

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If you have an event and would like Erin to contribute as a speaker, simply email us at connect@mummyminddetox.com

Some of Erin’s media features include…
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… and just for fun HERE




Photographs by Fi Mims Photography, Melbourne