Our Mission

At Mummy Mind Detox our mission is to support all Mums through our group courses and 1:1 coaching + Mind Detox Therapy (Sandy D.Newbigging) so that they never feel alone. We aim to connect like-minded Mums to each other and reconnect them to themselves, inspire them through education, experience and honesty; and to help them thrive as individual women and Mums.

Everything we offer is specifically for Mums; to help detox their mind and reconnect them back to their truth in order for them to create a life that they love and lead by example.

Mummy Mind Detox is an online and offline community; the website has great content, online programs and the offline services include 1:1 support for those who want to go one step further with the Mummy Mind Detox program, our flagship program (in Melbourne) and monthly events.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading support service for women in Australia, providing pre-natal and ongoing post-natal support for Mums and empowering them to live a life that they are passionate about and to be the best woman they can be; leading by example to their families. We aim to bring back the in-person connection that has been lost over the years and create a safe space for Mums to come together to support, inspire and encourage one another.

We strive for every member of our team to offer training and support that is one of a kind; heartfelt, real and from a place of experience. Every team member must have a health or wellness qualification, complete MMD training and be able to demonstrate the values of MMD. They must be passionate about support for mothers and must lead by example. All members of the team undergo regular and relevant training. Our team has a vast toolkit and varied life experiences offering an array of understanding and support.

Meet Our Team!


Erin has been coaching and mentoring women for over 4 years in her own businesses. Mummy Mind Detox business combined her experience in life coaching and Mind Detox therapy as well as her event management experience and hosts groups for Mums (in Melbourne + Sydney) to come together and connect in person on a deeper level. A place that they can meet once a week, be real and honest in a judgement-free and supportive environment, learn about how to be themselves again and thrive!

The program is designed around a whole lifestyle shift with a strong focus on mindset + nutrition; feeding the body + mind with the goodness it deserves.

Erin lives in Melbourne with her husband, two daughters (Imogen+ Hayley) and fur child Beau. Her women’s empowerment movement has helped hundreds of women worldwide.


Jennifer moved from Melbourne to Sydney with her Husband, two children (Matilda & Edward), and fur baby Macgyver in 2017. Jennifer was a nurse for 7 years with a focus on mental health well being and was inspired by the strength and resilience of the families she worked with. In 2016 Jennifer became a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, and is passionate about helping women feel empowered through their journey to motherhood.

Through becoming a mum, and her work as an Educator, Jennifer found there to be a lack of services & support out there for new mums. A community for like minded women to take time out for themselves, share their struggles and their triumphs. It was through her own journey of becoming a mum, and her struggles of mum life, juggling a toddler and a newborn, losing her sense of self, and overcoming mummy guilt, that Jennifer discovered Erin (and Mummy Mind Detox), and the benefits of overall wellness. This program and her own practice of self improvement, has helped Jennifer to become a determined and passionate women, who has a personal drive to help other women improve their mindset, nutrition, and overall health.







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We are so grateful you’re here and so look forward to being a part of your journey in whatever way we can be.

With love,
The Mummy Mind Detox team xo