How often do you ask for help?
If you’re anything like me you take a lot on, put a heap of pressure on yourself to succeed and although you’re ticking off your ‘to-do’ list you cant help but wish you were ahead.
I think a lot of women do it, especially us Mums – we feel like we have to do it all..

Lately in my quest to tick off my ‘to-do’ list I slowly found myself sinking into a pit of stress. And it was showing.
In the way I looked and felt – I was getting more and more loose on what I was eating and drinking using excuses and not only were my clothes starting to feel a little tighter but my skin was breaking out majorly.
And in my relationship – as always, my partner was the one that copped my wrath the worst… and sometimes the kids!
Of course, I’m not intentionally taking out all of my stuff out on them nor do I want to be unorganised, snacking on junk food or a cranky Mummy but that’s what’s been happening!

So I sat down the other day and decided to check in with myself.
I poured myself a hot cup of tea (the kids we asleep), lit my favourite candle and I sunk into my couch with my journal, deciding to give myself some time to figure out what the eff the problem was; WHY was I so stressed?

After writing all my frustrations down I realised that I’d been putting A LOT OF pressure on myself and attempting to juggle way too many balls in the air.

Truth was, I needed help…. but I was too proud to ask for it.
Why? Because I was scared shitless that if I asked for help people would look at me as a failure (mostly as a Mum – after all, I chose to have two kids) because that’s what Negative Nancy had been saying to me!

I’d got lost in my mind.

So I took my own advice…
Rather than looking at myself as a failure I focused on much I’ve already achieved and with that came a renewed feeling of self-belief; the key ingredient I’d been missing.
I decided to step out of my Negative Nancy mindset and write down all the ways that I could get help without looking at myself as a failure.

Ideas flooded through to me because I wasn’t listening to my head anymore, I was listening to my heart (I was choosing love). I knew that because now I was coming from a place of love rather than fear (worrying about the what if’s and making negative assumptions) the answer was right.

Yes, it was daunting and got me out of my comfort zone approaching someone for help but man do I feel so much better for it. Sometimes you just need that support, sometimes you just need someone to help you; and that is more than okay!
The worries, the second-guessing and the reasons that stop you from asking for help are usually the things that you need the most help with!!
Help doesn’t = failure, if anything it = success!

My tips for de-stressing:
1. It’s always better out than in – I suggest writing down whatever comes to mind, after a while it won’t be your head talking but rather your heart and that is where the answers are.

2. Ask for help and if you don’t know who it is that can help – ask the Universe to help you find the answer. There is always someone that can help you.

If you know a Mum who might benefit from this post, please share it with her.

With love today & always,
Erin & The Mummy Mind Detox Team