Ever feel like you’re just floating through life watching everyone else kicking goals; everyone but you?

You’re waiting.
Waiting to meet The One.
Waiting for the right time.
Waiting until you can afford it.
Waiting until you fit into that dress. 


You set these goals. You write them down. You get a burst of motivation and you set about changing. Then BAM… something happens – a ‘sign’, a slip-up, a criticism.
And there you are again, waiting.

I know, because I was like you once; watching from the sidelines while everyone else flaunted their highs on social media.
Another pregnancy?!” “Another engagement?!” “Another transformation picture?!” “Another one overseas?!”
I’d feel triggered so I’d eat.
I’d feel triggered so I’d drink.
I’d feel triggered so I’d take it out on the people I loved.

My friends understood – because they were all like me, watching from the sidelines; judging, complaining and begrudging.
I surrounded myself with people that were like me, because it was easier to stay in friendships with people that were as unhappy as me than it was to find people that inspired, motivated and helped me get out of my rut.
I was waiting for everyone and everything else to change for me to be happy.

You know what happened?

Nothing ever happened. It was the same thing week in and week out.
Wishing that I was living my life more.
Complaining that I was over feeling the way I felt.
Annoyed that the things that I wanted weren’t falling into my lap.

I told my story through my relationship status and my job.
“I’m Erin I’m single and I’m an Event Manager”

I didn’t know who I was. I didn’t know what I liked. I didn’t ever have time to think about it because it scared me to stop and look within.
I was worried that if I found things that I loved to do, I’d lose friends.
I was scared that if I put myself out there, I’d fail.
I was so terrified that I’d change and no one would like me anymore.
Who was I if I wasn’t drunk Erin?

Maybe, like I did – you’ve begun to take the steps towards becoming the person that you want to be.
Maybe you’ve dipped your toes into self-development or you’ve started ‘following’ people that motivate you.
Maybe you’ve begun to educate yourself about health and wellness and topics that interest you.
Maybe like me, you don’t quite feel supported.
Your friends and family are on different pages; yes, they might support you but they don’t want to take the journey with you.
That’s what happened to me – there I was setting about changing myself and no one around me was changing.
It made it difficult. It made it frustrating. It made it made the slip-ups and triggers and ‘signs’ THAT much harder to overcome.

So, here are my top 3 tips on how to make LASTING changes that will get you off the sidelines and playing this big and beautiful game called life!

1. Find your WHY
Think deeply about WHY you want it. If you get X what will that mean? Don’t focus on the goal, focus on the WHY. When you do this, you are coming from a loving place and you’re connected to the feeling that achieving the goal brings. Connecting with that feeling and your why, is what will motivate you when you do have your slip-up’s, criticisms and triggers (because you will have them!).

2. Find your TRIBE
When I first began my journey I found a Facebook group of women just like me who were wanting to be better it was SO refreshing to be part of community that GOT IT and that helped motivate me. Then, I found a LIVE community in my area. It was so awesome. Every Monday I’d go and get inspired from women that were doing what I wanted to be doing and succeeding – it was SO inspirational and their energy was infectious, plus I made friends with people that were like me and those friendships are invaluable. Search Facebook, actively look for communities – we all need to be part of a tribe!!

3. Find your FAITH
Have confidence and trust in yourself and your goal knowing that you’re doing this for the right reasons (your WHY) and that you want this change more than anything. A healthy lifestyle, more energy and curing my body and mind of all the crap I’d done to it over the years was SO worth it for me.

The challenges, the obstacles and the moments where you just want to give up – that is The Universe testing you. It’s saying ‘are you committed enough?’ – overcome that and you will thrive.

You can change. I believe in you.

You can eat crappy food every day and survive, or you can eat healthy food and thrive.
You can fuel your mind with negativity and survive, or you can become the master of it and thrive.

Come and thrive with us!

With love today & always,
Erin xo