How do you make friends if you don’t have a mother’s group, you’ve moved to a new area or your kids aren’t yet at school?
What happens if one day, you realise that you don’t actually like the people you’re calling you ‘friends’ and you want new ones?
Here is our how-to guide to make friends when you’re a Mum!

Work out what you want
Do you want friends that are into yoga? Do you want friends that are keen for kid-free nights out? Do you want a close group of women that can meet up during the week with the kids at the park? You’re wish is the Universe’s command.
So, what do you want? Get clear!

Now that you’ve figured out what your soon-to-be-friends do and like think about where they’d hang out. If they’re into health and wellness and a new yoga studio has just opened – go check out a class… if they’re into face masks pop into a beauty shop when you’re next at the shops… if they’re all for walking their dog go walking! Don’t limit this brainstorm to ‘places to visit’ – it could also be online groups and friends of friends.

Strike up a conversation
Now that you’re where your soon-to-be-friends are talk to them!
How are you going to become their friend if you can’t even talk to them? Start with ‘Hi, how are you?’ and ask them about a topic of interest ‘have you tried kombucha?’…. If you’re not confident with thinking of topics on the spot – do your research (your new friend won’t know you’ve been doing this!) Plus as Mums we can all connect over one pretty cool thing – our kids!

Get their number
This is probably the hardest part – for me included. How do you say ‘can I have your number?’ without the person thinking that you’re hitting on them? My answer? Be honest. ‘I want new friends and you seem cool do you want to hang out again?’ ‘I want to start working out and need a buddy are you keen?’ The more awkward YOU are the more awkward IT is.

I’ve been testing this for the last few months.
Not because I don’t like my friends anymore (they’re rad) but because my schedule now means that we’re not always available at the same time.
This works. 
I’ve met some amazing new friends – I mainly connect online first meaning if someone stands out as someone I think I’d get along with I send them a message and tell them! Then we either Skype or catch up in person.
You know what else, it gets easier.

The world is HUGE – just take your pick.

Our online AND OFFLINE Melbourne community are always keen to meet new women too so check out what we do!

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Erin & The Mummy Mind Detox team x