What in your life do you want to change?
Your work situation?
The way you look?
The amount of money you have?
How your kids are behaving?

What do you regularly find yourself complaining about, feeling shitty about?
When you think about the thing you want to change, what happens?

I’ll tell you.

I’ll use your bank balance as an example.
You think about it..
You feel worry, regret, anxious..
You start thinking about how much you don’t have..
You think about all the things that you want but you can’t afford; a holiday, a house, a new car…
And then you start feeling stressed..
You think about lack..
About how your job won’t be giving you a payrise anytime soon..
How there’s no well paying jobs out there..
You think about how your friend is doing so well.. her hubby earns so much!
And you just keep going further and further in to your pit.. into your story.. into your reality..


Been there.

Sister, you can’t create the life you want if you’re hung up on the bad things that are happening now.
That pity party is just amplifying more of the lack and more of that shitty feeling!
It’s not getting you where you want to be because rather than focussing on THAT you’re spending your time feeling bad about where you are.

I ask new clients ‘What’s the problem’ And they tell me.
And then I say ‘What would you like to happen instead?’
They can never give me a clear answer… because they don’t know.
They justify why the solution ‘isn’t possible’ for them.
“I want to go on a holiday but I don’t have enough annual leave”
“I want to go back to work but we don’t have anyone to mind the kids”
They give excuses and reasons why they’re dream can’t come true.
And I’m sure you do it too.

We ALL do.

But it keeps us stuck.

When you let your negative emotions (fear, anger, sadness, guilt, anxiety, regret etc.) control you rather than changing your thoughts to control your emotions and when you let your story take over; you create more of the bad stuff!!

Whereas, if you consciously change your thought to a focus of where you want to be (WITHOUT THE BUT/THE EXCUSE/THE STORY) then you amplify THAT.

And how the eff do you do that?
Here’s our step by steps to start creating magic!
Ask yourself the following questions:

1. What’s your problem?

2. How do you want this situation to look?

3. Focus on how you want it to look!

It really is THAT easy.

Get into the habit of doing THIS create YOUR OWN reality.
Need help? We are here to help you create your magic. Get in touch with us now!

With love today & always,
The Mummy Mind Detox Team