Turn off your thoughts.
Close your eyes.
Stop thinking.

Can’t do it?

Oh beautiful, you’re not alone!

Are you analysing, worrying, thinking about what to make for dinner?
Are you letting the kids going rogue on you ruin your good mood?
Hakuna Matata.
We’ve got you sorted.

You know – what you think next, really is going to change what happens next.

You have two choices:
1. React – like you always do and end up ruining your good mood, your day, the chance you had with that guy, the impression you wanted to leave on that person….
2. Choose how to respond – watch the magic happen!

It’s really as simple as a mind shift, a change in perspective; a conscious thought.

My favourite characters in the Lion King are Timon and Poombaa not because they are hilarious but because they let go, they move on from things and they marvel in the beauty and simplicity of life rather than worrying about what things might, potentially, one day, maybe happen!

Letting go, not feeling the need to justify and believing that anything is possible is a mind shift; it’s a change in perspective. It’s choosing a way to respond rather than reacting to something because your reactions are simply your defence mechanism.
When you’re reacting it’s because you’re seeing red flags – you’re Negative Nancy is warning you of something because of something that DID happen many moons ago.
You’re having the day from hell, and of course hubby is running late home from work. You used to see it happen to your Mum all the time when you were a kid and so your mind replays that same scenario over and over because you believe it’s just what happens.

When you let go and when you take charge and you have a ‘hakuna matata’ mentality; you blossom, you grow and you thrive.

What happens next is up to YOU.

The women who are part of our programs are experiencing huge mindset shifts – join us know either at our next MELBOURNE COURSE or in our ONLINE PROGRAM.
Seriously, it’s awesome!

With love today & always,
The Mummy Mind Detox team