I’m a very impatient person..
When I want something, I want it to happen right away..

It seems I’m not the only one.

In fact, we’re all a little impatient these days.
We send an email and want a reply quickly or we lose interest.
We need to know the answer to something right away, thank you Google!
We want everything fast-tracked!

Gone are the days of waiting!
And as much as this has allowed for massive progression in various forms (which is awesome), it means that we rarely take time to just BREATHE and trust.

Recently I had a great idea.
It came to me at night in bed and I had to get up and put it out there.
As keen as I was for this idea to come to life, there was a part of me that felt like it was a bit too much, too soon – my gut.

Over the years I’ve learnt how to decipher between my gut and my Negative Nancy, and this feeling was real… something just wasn’t right.
But I persisted because I really wanted it to happen.
After a few days of feeling off about creating the vision so quick I put it out there to let The Universe decide for me whether I should persist…
Within hours 3 things happened that made me realise that yes, indeed the timing was not right. So as much as it pained me too, I called it off.

I know that if I had have persisted with it, it wouldn’t have worked out being the way that I wanted it to be.
Even though I really, really wanted it to happen right now, it just wasn’t meant to be. And I’m okay with that, because I know that there is a reason for it.

Is there something in your life that you wish would just happen already?
A dream that you have that you really want to come true?
You’re doing all the right things, but it’s just not happening?
The thing is that it’ll happen, just not right now!
And there’s a reason for you too.
That might be really hard to swallow.
Because it might not make any sense.
But I guarantee that when you look back on your life, one day it will make perfect sense.
Maybe it will be in 2 months, maybe in 2 years or maybe in 2 decades.

Think about something in the past that you’ve really wanted… and then had to wait for… and now think about the lesson you learnt.

I waited years and years for a great relationship.
For a good 7 years I wondered what was wrong with me, wondered why all the other girls could find a boyfriend that stuck around longer than 3 months but I just couldn’t.

And then… when I learnt my lesson, my love came into my life and our relationship has been easy.
I needed to learn how to love myself.
I needed to work out my non-negotiables in a relationship.
I needed to work on my health, for me – not the way I looked to impress someone else.
I needed to be okay with being on my own.

And at the time, when I was in my 7th year of being single sitting at yet another family christmas without a partner it dawned on me – I was happy.
It didn’t matter if I had a partner or not because I was happy.

No matter how hard we try to speed some things up, the truth is that there are just some things that we can’t control….

It takes time for plants to grow.
The sun rises and sets on it’s own schedule.
The seasons change.
We accept these things, but we can’t accept that things in our own life take time too.

How can you find a way to be happy without the thing that you want?

I know it can be hard. I know it can make you feel sad to think about life without the thing that you really want; be it the job, the business, the baby, the partner, the holiday – whatever.
But gorgeous, it’ll happen.
Once you accept that and start appreciating your life NOW – the magic will happen.

With love today & always,
Erin xo