You’ve been waiting so long to tell them your news… you’re so damn excited about it… you tell them…….and





It’s this awkward response (in-fact it’s barely a response) one that you definitely were not expecting, one that you did not imagine and one that has made your stomach drop and your voice shake.
What the…?” “Why aren’t they as excited as I am?”
The feeling of disappointment moves into one of anger.
Why does this happen?
Why can’t the people you love be as happy for you as you are?
The answer is simple.
They’re jealous. 
They might not want exactly what you’ve just announced you have but they sure as hell want to be feeling how you’re feeling.
Seeing you so happy, excited and bright is bringing up all the stuff for them that they’ve been trying to avoid; insecurity, fear, anxiety, loss, anger, resentment or a combination of all of it.

It’s not your fault. It’s not a reflection of you.

We all walk around with this mask up and because we’re looking through a mask what we see isn’t actually what’s in front of us.
Everything we see in our life is covered by this mark; our problems, our stories, our fear. Being genuinely happy for someone else and putting your own ‘stuff’ aside to celebrate and rejoice can be hard but the people that can do this are the ones that know themselves enough to know that the ‘stuff’ that comes up is just a flag for something that needs some inside work.

So how do you cope and what do you do when someone that you love can’t put their ‘stuff’ aside to be happy for you?

1. Accept that their ‘stuff’ is coming up.
Don’t pry. Understand. Move on.
Focus on something that makes you happy and go and do that. If you can’t physically step away from the situation (nicely) then I suggest taking your mind to a  happy memory or thinking about something that makes you feel good rather than having a battle with Negative Nancy about how rude they are (she’s just looking out for you.
Your imagination is more powerful than you think!

2. We don’t let it dim your flame.
Don’t let your high vibes be sucked dry because of their ‘stuff’. Get out of the situation and continue to celebrate your win.

3. Find people that will celebrate with you.
Show those people gratitude. Shower them with love.
If you can’t think of anyone – search for them.
Put it out into the Universe that that is what you’re looking for; be specific and you will attract them.

It’s not easy but it can be changed. YOU can change how you handle a situation rather than reacting to it and letting your ‘stuff’ and their ‘stuff’ have an argument that let’s face it just makes things awkward – no one likes giving or getting the cold shoulder or silent treatment. You’re a grown up – it’s time to be responsible and LEAD BY EXAMPLE.

With love today & always,
The Mummy Mind Detox Team