What I love most about the Melbourne MMD Course is the conversations that emerge… the REAL conversations that you might not have with your girlfriends anymore (or maybe ever). This topic sparked a lot of laughs and made a lot of the Mums feel that little bit more ‘normal’ so when the magic happens, we have to share!!


Man, that sounds so draining and UN-FUN!
But, so does doing the deed with your partner sometimes after you’ve spent the whole day being on-the-go with the kids… nurturing and doing what we do so well; MUMMY-ING.

For so many of us we dish out so much emotional and physical energy to our kids (on top of everything else) that when our partner walks in the door more often than not he is the one that misses out!
How many times a week do you give your kids a cuddle vs. your partner?

For most men, physical touch is such an integral part of a relationship and it is in having that physical touch that they feel loved.
While us women are a lot more analytical and in our head all the time. This again is where the LOVE LANGUAGES play such a crucial role in our relationships (of course, there are women that love physical touch).

What we’ve found here is an overwhelming YES to us women feeling like our partners expect sex and us feeling obligated to give it to them and if we don’t…. bad for saying NO.
How many times are we saying “Not tonight, honey” and our partner in turn feeling rejected?

Ever find it like a gym session – you can’t be bothered going but once you do, you enjoy it?
We do!

But if you’re really not feeling it… how else can you make your partner feel good?
How can you negotiate a happy medium without it being a ‘happy ending’?
What are you both expecting when it comes to your emotional and physical needs being met?
How aligned are they, how balanced?

It’s so important for us to feel connected in our relationship and we know how easy it can be to feel like roomies with your partner after having kids… but it’s about prioritising your relationship knowing that when you’re working together, when you both feel appreciated and loved is when your relationship thrives.

Our top 3 tips for a thriving partnership are:
1. Have the uncomfortable conversations. They are so important. How can either of you know what lights you up if you don’t first identify it for yourself and secondly, share it with your partner?
2. Make reconnecting a priority… what things did you used to do for each other at the very start of your relationship? Love notes, gifts, dates? Those things are relevant… we use so many excuses but really, it’s not hard to make an effort especially if it means feeling happier in your relationship!
3. Check in with YOU! Changes to your body, your mood, your emotional wellbeing are so normal after having kids. Give yourself time to feel how you’re feeling without resisting it. It’s okay to not feel okay! Be honest with your partner and work on getting yourself happy. We are always here for you.

Here’s to sex being FUN!


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With love today & always,
The Mummy Mind Detox team

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