I have a mini meltdown every time a special date comes up… Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, Birthday, Christmas…
I rack my brains and stress about the ‘perfect’ gift for my man.
Then I start to get annoyed at myself because…
He’s my partner, I should know him well enough to know what he wants
I should have thought about this weeks ago
How much money am I meant to spend??

(All BS stories that Negative Nancy (my ego) feeds me, which only add to the stress)

I wander around the shops.
I trawl the internet.
I look at what everyone else has organised.
I ask my friends.

It’s just another thing to add to the list of ‘to-do’s’… and it so shouldn’t be that way.
It should be about LOVE.
About the MEANING around what it is we are celebrating.

So, I always find myself coming back to the same question and hopefully this helps you too…
What makes sense to us?

And it always comes back to quality time.
Because as parents now more than ever it’s not often that the two of us just go and do something together without kids that doesn’t involve running errands.

Presence to me is so much more important than presents.
It shouldn’t be about money.
Or what other people think.
Or what other people are doing.
It’s not a grading system of how much you love each other.

I find that the people that do get each other expensive things and flaunt them in front of people are often the couples that have the most problems because the presents are trying to make up for the lack of presence.

I know which I’d prefer.

We all put way too much pressure on ourselves.
And when it comes to these ‘special dates’ that are great marketing techniques might I add, we don’t need to prove our love, because they should already know how much you love them in the way that you show up every day.

Start listening to your heart more and ignoring your head (Negative Nancy).
Do what feels right, what feels true and I can guarantee that those things are the ones that will stick with people – we easily forget gifts people gave us but we never forget how people make us feel.

So, what would you prefer?
Presence vs. presents, and why?
Tell us below.

With love today & always,
Erin & The Mummy Mind Detox team xo