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How to worry less, Mummy!

Turn off your thoughts. Close your eyes. Stop thinking. Can’t do it? Oh beautiful, you’re not alone! Are you analysing, worrying, thinking about what to make for dinner? Are you letting the kids going rogue on you ruin your good mood? Hakuna Matata. We’ve got you sorted. You know – what you think next, really is […]

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How to make CHANGES that last!

Ever feel like you’re just floating through life watching everyone else kicking goals; everyone but you? You’re waiting. Waiting to meet The One. Waiting for the right time. Waiting until you can afford it. Waiting until you fit into that dress.  You set these goals. You write them down. You get a burst of motivation and you set about […]

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My Mummy Myth

“I used to look at other women around me and be envious of what they had, how they lived or the way they appeared to effortlessly breeze through life. I didn’t feel like them, like I had it all together and I still don’t. I would look at other women who were married with children […]

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