We’re so glad you’re here.

Mum life sure can become a little like ground hog day.
It’s so easy to get caught up in our problems, fears and reasons for not doing the things we really want to do. We always have something on our mind; whether it’s coming up with what to make for dinner, worrying about whether your child got enough sleep, thinking about the constant ‘to-do’ list or wondering if you made the right decision about something.

We are always putting everyone else first; our kids, our partner, our families, our friends… and it takes up so much of our energy. And then, when we do put ourselves first more often than not we are filled with an overwhelming feeling of guilt.

You’re here for a reason, beautiful Mummy.

We know you love your kids, we know that you’d do anything to see them smile and hear them laugh and we know that you would move heaven and earth to help them. But did you know that when you are feeling your best, when you are taking time out for you, when you are doing things that you love and when you are feeling good on the inside – so are your kids.


How can we expect our kids to live life to the full, love themselves, follow their dreams and be the best they can be, if we’re not leading by example?

If you want to detox your mind, reconnect with you, set a positive example for your children, be the best you can be and start to create a happier and healthier life for you and your family, we have you covered.

At Mummy Mind Detox our mission is to support all Mums so that they never feel alone. We aim to connect like-minded Mums to each other and reconnect them to themselves, inspire them through education, experience and honesty; and to help them thrive as individual women and Mums.

Our programs, services and products are specifically created to help you free your mind of mummy-guilt, reconnect with your authentic self and to help you feel inspired, connected and to thrive in motherhood; and life.

We offer: 

Our flagship Mummy Mind Detox 10 week lifestyle program is all about connecting like-minded local Mums, inspiring them to live a life full of love, wealth and happiness and helping them reconnect with themselves. Check it out by clicking here.

If you want personalised support from Mums who are experts in positive mindset this is for you. Our team has a wide range of experience and a diverse toolkit sure to help you get to the root of your problems and let them go once and for all. We offer online support (via Skype), over the phone (if in Australia) and in person (Melbourne only) and our sessions work in around your busy schedule. Click here to learn more.

If you prefer to work alone but still feel supported, our online program is for you. It’s a complete health and lifestyle overhaul that goes for 16-weeks. Learn at your own pace course, be mentored and connect with other women. We guarantee you’ll feel a shift if you implement the lessons and tools!
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Hand picked products to help you in feel inspired, connected and thrive in motherhood and life. Click here to start shopping!