I didn’t really think all that much about being 23 weeks pregnant when we went on our recent trip to Tasmania. A very sensitive bladder while camping ain’t the greatest nor is trying to experience MONA with a one year old who’s just discovered her feet and hiking up the insane cliffs of Tassie wilderness with a growing belly having not worked out properly in months have all definitely been experiences that I’m glad to say I’ve survived and learnt from!

It was safe to say I needed a holiday to recover from my holiday!

I’m by no means complaining, it was a fantastic trip filled with breathe taking views (Tassie is so damn beautiful), fist pumps (wahoo I survived the 3 hour hike without water), laughs (Matt mistaking toothpaste for Bipathen) and so much gratitude (how amazing that we can take this time away).

These experiences really are priceless and ones that we are very happy to be passing down to Imogen too…
Leaning to be tolerant of people’s noise and lights while you try to sleep. 
Learning to share amenities and space.
Learning to adapt to different environments and schedules.
Learning patience and flexibility. 

Reminding us that things are so much easier as a team.

These experiences whether she remembers them consciously or not.. are shaping her. Letting her play with rocks and get dirty feet. Sleeping in a room divided only by fly wire while the rest of the family talk. Nappy changes in the boot of the car in the middle of nowhere. Cooking dinner next to a couple speaking a different language. Discovering places that we hadn’t planned on visiting. Meeting people from all walks of life.

It can be hard to find the time and the money, to ignore the reasons you ‘shouldn’t’ and yeh, the experience itself is more challenging than a holiday used to be… but these years pass so quick, these opportunities to experience these places with your kids and to build memories as a family.

There’s never a perfect time… for anything, but there is a shortage of it. 

Tassie reminded me just how blessed we are to live in such a beautiful country and that we don’t need to travel far to experience amazing sites. Since returning we’ve made it our mission to explore more of the natural beauty around us because I’m sure you don’t have to travel far to find it!

Go explore, beautiful.

It’s easy to stay cooped up at home complaining about how there isn’t anything to do, but really even in not so great weather you can still experience some awesome places.
Yes, you need to be more organised now with kids but hey, that’s life!

I’d planned to do some video blogs and really dive into work but decided instead to just BE and ENJOY.
BUT check out a tiny collection of some of our photos and if you’re thinking about paying Tasmania a visit.. do it!

With love today & always,

Founder MMD

P.S A special mention must be made to my parents for looking after our much missed fur baby while we were away and beautiful Emily for running the session I missed. We couldn’t have done it without your help.